Q.1: Can I view the actual Cards(s) before deciding for my final order? How do I order for samples?
Ans: Yes! You can order samples through our website. You can also e-mail us with details of what you are looking for on info@Qweddingcards.com or sales@Qweddingcards.com.

Q.2: How much does the sample card cost?
Ans: Samples are charged at GBP £35, each, for a sample of the complete card, along with the text of your choice printed on it. This cost of £35 is 100% adjustable against your Full/Bulk order, once you decide to go ahead with it.

Q.3: How long will the delivery take?
Ans: QWeddingcards.com uses the services of topmost global couriers and our average delivery times are between 7 to 15 days, after the finalization of Proof.

Q.4: What is the procedure for Proof finalization?
Ans: You can send us the wordings in Microsoft Word or Text formats, as an attachment with an e-mail to sales@Qweddingcards.com, or through the order form on our website. We will get the matter designed in suitable fonts, style & layout, and supply you the Proof in JPEG image or MS Word format. You can go over the proof and let us know about out any changes or corrections you would like. We will resend you the proof in JPEG or MS Word format, after incorporating your requested alterations/corrections, and ask you to review the proof for any further corrections or changes. This process will be repeated until we have a Proof copy that requires no further amendments. Only after we have agreed on a Proof and have a clear green signal from you, the job goes for printing. All Cards are screen printed in high quality with a full Proof procedure for quality check.

Q.5: How many Cards can I order as sample?
Ans: You can order one sample per design only. If you have chosen the design for your card, then you can order one card as sample. If you need to choose between a few designs, and want to see how they look in real, then you also have the option of ordering samples from different design ranges, however, only 1 sample per design can be ordered, and the Sample charges of £35 per card would apply. 

Q.6: Can I have the text of my choice on the Sample card?
Ans: Yes! You can specify the text and any other options you want on your sample. It will be delivered printed as per your request.

Q.7: What do I get in a Sample Card?
Ans: Sample Card Packet will contain the Wedding Invitation Cards, Matching Envelope and inner leaf or inserts (As shown in the complete view of the card on Website)

Q.8: Do you provide Printing services? What are the printing Charges?
Ans: Yes we do provide printing services as well. For a limited period only, we are offering FREE printing for all our customers. Please e-mail at info@Qweddingcards.com to find out more.

Q.9: What Font choices do I have for my Cards?
Ans: Wedding Invitations are normally printed using Scripts fronts. We prepare your Cards in different fonts and styles and based on your selection, we design and redesign the subject matter until you are satisfied with the overall design. If you have a specific font in mind, just tell us its name or e-mail us the font file, and we will be more than happy to design and print your cards in that font. (We print Cards both in English as well as Urdu.)

Q.10: How do I send my desired wordings or text for my Card?
Ans: You have the option of specifying most details, while you are making your order through the order form on our website. However, if you feel there is any information that has not been covered by the order form, please e-mail us at info@Qweddingcards.com or sales@Qweddingcards.com. You can also type all your text in a text/Ms Word file and e-mail it to us.

Q.11: What payment methods do you accept?
Ans: We accept payments in a number of ways, which are listed below: * Bank Transfer / Online Transfer * Bank Deposit * Cheque by post (delays may occur due to cheque clearance) * PayPal * Western Union / Money Gram / Any other money transfer services. 

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